Monday, May 12, 2008

Time flies

I don't know why I've forgotten about this blog, but I've got some time to kill before the next Splattercast.

just got word from my pal Bill that our film professor was floored by our video project dealing with african-americans in horror and wants to set up a public screening of the film for faculty members and impressionable Lincoln citizens. We'd also be doing a Q&A panel session afterwards discussing the representation of blacks in horror films. Essentially what this means is that the film professors that I greatly respect would be watching my film and then asking me questions. That's kind of funny to me. Anyway, all of us have voted "Yea" and it looks like this public screening is going to move forward.

The thing that sucks about it is that, though I am happy with the finished product, it could have been so much better. It's 20 minutes long, but I could easily made it feature length. Coming at it from a filmmakers perspective, I'm not totally happy with the structure. Our time limit was 20 minutes max, and so I had to make a lot of concessions in order to trim the film down such as deleting an entire sub-discussion on black female representation in horror. I wanted to originally do interviews, pull in some scholarly discussion, and focus more heavily on the trends, themes, and ways in which black representation has been handled in the horror genre. In other words, I wanted a lot more detail and focus rather than the broad "Here's a taste of what's going on" generalizations we ultimately had to go with. For our class, it worked just fine since we didn't view any horror films during the semester and it was all new to our classmates. But for an audience of professors and intellectuals, I think there may be a lot more depth needed to really make the film work. Still, we'll see what happens in the months going forward. If I find time, maybe I can add to the film.

In other news, I'm voting for Barack Obama in the primaries tomorrow. What a shocker, I know.

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Jeff said...

I'd like to see you do some more shorts, actually. I'd say it's better to have a short that leaves the viewer wanting a little more, rather than a feature-length that is padded and tries the viewer's attention span.